How to sync products between multiple shopify stores

AppsHow to sync products between multiple shopify stores

16th December 2023

Syncing products between Shopify stores can be tricky.

Fortunately, there are plenty of built-in and third party tools that make syncing product information easy.

Step 1: Transfer products to second store

Before syncing products, its important to transfer the products from your main store to your other stores.

This can be made easy by using Shopify’s import / export functionality.

Navigate to the product area of your admin dashboard and click export in the top right corner.

Follow the steps to export the products to a .csv file.

The CSV file produced contains all of the products in your store including their price, images and other stored information

In the product area of your other store’s dashboard, you can now import the products through that CSV file.

This product transfer can take minutes up to a few hours, this is largely based on the amount of products your store has.

Step 2: Setup Synchronization app

After transferring products, it time to choose and install an app that will allow you to synchronize products.

There’s plenty of apps out there, however its important to do your research and ensure the app you choose suits your use case.

The differences between apps include price point, specific features as well as support.

Here’s some of our top picks:

Once, you’ve chosen your app, you can install it and go through the basic setup.

The exact setup will differ based on your app of choice however, it typically includes setting up a unique key that is used to connect you destination stores to your main store.

You’ll need to install the app on both your main and your destination stores and use that unique key to sync the products between the store.

Step 3: Run the synchronization process

The exact way the products are synced will vary based on the app you’re using.

The syncing is usually done automatically based on the SKUs or Barcodes of the products in your store.

On top of syncing products, some apps also allow you to sync pages, blogs, and collections.


Hopefully, you’ve found this article useful.

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This can prevent common errors and also ensure you don’t waste any money on any apps that don’t suit your use case.

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