Improve your Shopify store's speed with these simple tips

CROImprove your Shopify store's speed with these simple tips

19th December 2023

Improving your store’s speed can do wonders for your conversion rate.

From the initial loading time, to the speed of checking out, its important to optimize all areas of your store’s speed.

Lets take a look at a few common errors and how you can speed up your store and convert more users.

Unused Code

Unused code is a massive reason why a lot of stores load very slowly.

This code doesn’t have to be code you’ve written yourself, it often can come from third party tools.

This is why its important to regularly review the apps you have installed on your store and remove ones that you no longer use.

The fewer requests your store makes, the faster it loads.

Unused code can also come from your theme directly.

A lot of themes may include CSS for specific features that you may not use, however the code is still loaded.

It can beneficial for a developer to do an audit of your store and remove all redundant code - thus speeding up your store.


Using a heatmap tool or potential data collected through analytics, you can view how useful certain features are to your store.

If users are never using a specific feature, it can help to deactivate the feature and reduce your code’s size.

With this in mind, its important to consider that having a lot of complicated features can hurt your site speed - maintaining a balance is crucial.


Images can be quite large, thus slowing down your site speed.

We’re not saying not to use images, however, its important to compress images you’re using as well as deferring off screen images from loading until they’re in view.

Shopify does have some existing safeguards to prevent you from overloading your store such as restricting how many products you can show on a collection page at once, this limits the amount of image requests made at once.

However, its best to review the images you’re using and ensure they’re well optimized to ensure your store’s speed is not poorly affected.

Testing The Speed

There are plenty of ways to test your online store’s speed.

There are online speed testing tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

There are also tools like Shopify’s Theme Inspector, linked here.

Whilst this tools provide valuable insights, it can be hard to actually solve the issues that they uncover, if you’re not a developer.

This is where an experienced developer can help by diving into your Shopify theme and making the necessary changes from data-based insights.

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