How a development subscription can save you money

DevelopmentHow a development subscription can save you money

23rd December 2023

We’re going to be discussing what a development subscription is, how it differs from traditional development agencies and how it can save you time and money.

What is a development subscription service?

A development subscription service is a modern type of development agency that charges a monthly fee for work completed rather than a longer process of quoting specific tasks, generating long proposals and other “traditional” agency tasks.

Development subscriptions, like us, replace unreliable freelancers and expensive, complex agencies with a simple netflix-style subscription that can be extremelely beneficial for our clients.

With our model, we offer fast onboarding, quick delivery time for projects as well as a fixed cost for services completed, meaning you won’t receive any unexpected bills.

How we differ from traditional agencies?

Our approach is quite different from traditional development agencies.

For one, we don’t make you sign a contract prior to requesting our services.

Rather, you can sign up right away without any legal back and forth between us, so we can start working on your store as fast as possible.

Additionally, you can always pause or cancel your subscription. This means if you no longer require our services, you’re not locked in for a period of time.

Furthermore, by charging a fixed rate, you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying for our services and won’t be recieving any unexpected invoices.

We offer unlimited development services.

This means you can request as much development as you need done.

The only catch is, we handle your requests one at a time (depending on your plan), which means you can expect your work to be delivered one task at a time.

Is this a concern? Not at all, this is simply in place to prevent our clients from having unrealistic expectations on how much work will be completed and in what time frame.

If you’re interested in switching how you source your development currently, we’d love to give you a personalised demo of how futuremerce works, and how we can help your business by reducing your development costs.

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Wrapping Up

We’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to development subscription services.

We do vary quite a bit in our ways compared to your traditional development agencies, however we think there are plenty of benefits to choosing us rather than a traditional agencies.

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