Boost your revenue with these 4 conversion tips

CROBoost your revenue with these 4 conversion tips

22nd December 2023

Conversion rate optimisation, the mystery every store is trying to unravel.

Its tricky trying to get more users to convert.

In this article, we’ll share 4 conversion tips, so you can boost your revenue by turning more visitors into customers.

Improve your store’s speed

Your store’s speed is crucial to your conversion rate.

If your store takes too long to load, a user will leave.

There are plenty of factors that control how fast your store loads.

This includes the amount of third-party tools you’re using, the amount and size of images loaded, the amount of third party requests you make and many more.

All of these factors play a vital role in your store’s speed so its important to examine each and make the necessary adjustments.

We have a whole other article talking about how you can improve your store’s speed. We highly suggest you check it out.

By improving your store’s sped, we can guarantee you’ll convert more users and deliver a much better experience to your customers.

Add CVPs

Another way you can start converting more users, is by adding CVPs to various vital parts of your store.

CVPs are your value propositions - essentially reinforcing why a user should purchase from you and how it will help them.

Placing cvps near add to cart buttons, checkout buttons, above the fold on the homepage and other important place can help boost your conversion rate by motivating the user to make a purchase.

When determining your CVPs, its important to view your store from a potential customer’s point of view and ask yourself:

Utilise Social Proof

Adding social proof is another way to boost your conversion rate.

One of the core points of anxiety for a potential customer is trust.

Why should they trust your store and your products?

A simple way to build this trust is by adding social proof such as customer reviews to your product pages.

There are plenty of third party tools (like trustpilot) that have widgets that make it very easy to add customer reviews for your products.

Start A/B Testing

A very important step in your conversion optimisation journey is A/B testing.

You’ve likely heard of it, but if you haven’t, its essentially testing two or more variations of your website to determine which performs better and converts more customers.

Every store should be A/B testing, it allows you to gain further insights into your customers and determine how you can improve your conversions.

Before starting A/B testing, its important to review your analytics to determine exactly what parts of your funnel are causing users to drop out and which areas need improving.

Wrap Up

Improving your conversion rate is a tricky but vital process to grow your store and boost your revenue.

We hope you’ve found this article useful and learned a thing or two.

We’d highly recommend you cehckout our conversion focused design tips articles to learn more about how you can boost your conversion rate through your design.

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