Best practices for your ecommerce checkout

CROBest practices for your ecommerce checkout

21th December 2023

Having a well optimized checkout has a significant impact on your store’s conversion rate.

While optimizing a checkout may seem fairly simple, its crucial to make the process as smooth and frictionless as possible to ensure you’re not turning customers away.

There are a number of methods to improve your store’s conversion rate by improving your checkout experience.

Lets take a look at 6 of the most impactful changes you can make.

1. Add Trust Badges

Trust badges are a very easy way to boost the effectiveness of your checkout.

Simply adding the text “Secure Payment” near the payment button can have a huge impact on the amount of users that will checkout.

This works by building a level of trust with the customer and reducing anxiety, making them for comfortable with completing the purchase.

2. Allow Multiple Payment Methods

Allowing multiple payment methods makes your checkout appeasing to a lot more customers.

Most customers will abandon checkout if their preferred payment method isn’t available.

We’d recommend including:

Most ecommerce platforms allow you to easily toggle which payment methods you would like to accept.

3. Allow Guest Checkout

Guest checkouts are vital for an effective checkout experience.

Some customers simply don’t want to create an acocunt in order to make their purchase.

By allowing customers to checkout as a guest (meaning they just have to use their email), you are creating a much smoother experience for end users and will likely see an improvement in your conversion rate.

Another way of allowing users to checkout without am account is through social media logins.

This means users can login through their exisitng account (e.g Facebook, Google, etc) without having to setup a new account on your store.

4. Autofill Details

Autofilling customer’s details speeds up the checkout process and provides a much smoother experience to the end user.

Simple things like autofilling billing adresses or personal details of returning users can make a big different in your conversion rate.

This not only speeds up the process but also decreased the likelihood of a customer making an error in their details.

5. Make sure its mobile friendly

Mobile users make up a significant portion of ecommerce stores traffic.

It crucial to make sure your checkout is reponsive and mobile friendly.

This means that elements on the page will automatically resize to small screens and not overflow the page or overlap other elements.

Most popular ecommerce platforms should have a built-in mobile-friendly checkout, however you should definately confirm the experience works well on a mobile device.

6. Use Crossselling

While crosselling products will not increase your store’s conversion rate, it can have a big impact on your average order value (AOV).

Crossselling or upselling related and similar products can greatly increase your AOV so you can get more revenue from each customer.

You can crossell any items, however choosing items that are highly relevant to whats in the customer’s cart are much more likely to be purchased.


We hope you’ve found these tips helpful.

Creating a smooth and frictionless experience for your customers will greatly improve your conversion rate whilst decresing your checkout abandonment.

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